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28 December 1998
Last night I returned from Sydney, where I had an absolute ball. On the day of xmas eve I was with Peter and Katrina, and Peter's family. That was fun, with lots of food and presents being handed around. Then on xmas day it was off to Katrina's family, for some more food, and more handing out of presents.  However, before we went there we visited a couple, Michael and Sue, who were friends of Peter and Katrina. That was good. I discovered that Michael had a great sense of humour and they were both into positive development and spirituality, and that we'd read the same books and had similar beliefs. That was probably the highlight of my trip, finding like-minded people.

The night after xmas, I met up with my good friend Dan and his girlfriend Mirna.  We went out to dinner and drinks. I was invited by them to the coast for new year's eve, and so it looks like for the first time in my life I will be watching the sun come up over the ocean... something to look forward to. I'll be taking my camera for that...

Speaking of my camera... I took a few shots while I was in Sydney. I'll be getting them developed probably tomorrow, so I'll post them on my photos section as soon as I can.

The impossible is possible when people align with you.
When you do things with people, not against them,
the amazing resources of the Higher Self within are mobilised.



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