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5 December 1998
Today has been incredibly unexciting, so I may as well talk about yesterday.  'John' (see yesterday's entry) rang me yesterday, and told me about what happened after I left him the night before. He went back to see the two women we met.

At this point, I'll give you some more detailed information on what originally happened. I'll do it by cutting and pasting something that I sent to a friend about it...

My friend 'John' and I went out to an Irish pub in Canberra... it's called PJ O'Reilly's, and is new - been there a few months only. It's become one of the most popular places in Canberra though. Anyway, at one point two BEAUTIFUL women came in, and 'John' immediately had to buy them a drink each, and so they started talking to us - their names were Ursula and Emma. Now the good thing about this is that 'John', who usually gets gorgeous women anytime he wants, was having a lot of trouble coming to terms with the fact that they were so beautiful and were actually talking to him and I. The strange thing was, I was comfortable and relaxed, and he was tense and uncomfortable. It was quite an interesting role reversal. I was also holding most of the conversation with both of them while he was standing back and acting reserved and, on occasions, paranoid that we were talking about him without his knowing. It was so bizarre.  Another good thing was that they weren't bimbos who just wanted a free drink - my conversations are usually quite in-depth, however I'm pleased to announce that last night they weren't so complex, but I had Ursula talking to me about how complex she was... It was cool! And they bought us drinks too, which cemented the fact they weren't bimbo users from hell... Hehehe. Ursula asked us at one point if we wanted to see Saving Private Ryan with them... 'John' and I looked at each other (he's seen it as well) and looked back, saying "Of course we would!"  So Ursula told us where she worked, and that I was to come into the shop on Tuesday and arrange a time to get together that night. After we spent 3 hours at PJ's, they then had to go to Pandora's to meet some friends. That's where a slight problem arose. I was dressed in casual clothes with my Reeboks, because 'John' and I originally met for dinner, and then he wanted to go to PJ's... I agreed, 'cause it was like 7:30pm, and I didn't think we'd be there that long... We didn't leave until about 1am. Anyway, when the girls wanted us to come with them to Pandora's, I pointed out that I probably wouldn't get in (the bouncer in PJ's had a word with me around 9, but let me stay with a warning), so they insisted again that we go to the movies on Tuesday night. We parted with a kiss on the cheek. 'John' didn't get a kiss... something else he was pissed off with.

I was happy. 'John' wasn't. He wanted to go to Pandora's too, so after we spoke for a bit, he went there, and I went home. 

So in his phone call to me yesterday, he told me they were losers. When he went in and approached Ursula, she introduced him to her fiancé...! I then pointed out to him that they obviously didn't want him around, as the previous night at PJ's they were talking about both being single, and also there was the general feeling that they didn't seem to like him that much... He agreed. Of course, I could've been wrong and they were just playing around... but I had the feeling that they liked me more than 'John', and when he came into Pandora's they probably promptly put a stop to him coming onto them. Ursula is a manageress of a men's clothing store in Canberra, and while at PJ's we were talking about body language... she's cluey, and I think she knew just what 'John's' like.

Now, because I didn't want that to have screwed up my own opportunity at finally being with an angel (figuratively speaking), I decided I had to do something to regain what 'John' might have lost us. I went to see her at her place of work, and had a nice chat with her. She showed me photos of the previous night (taken after they left 'John and I), and told me all these stories about the fun they had.  She also asked me if 'John' had phoned me, and I said "Yes - do you have a fiancé?" At this point she burst out laughing and explained that it was all she could think of to stop him from following her around the way he was. I sighed inwardly and apologised for him, which she tried to brush off as if it was ok and didn't matter, which was nice of her... Unfortunately she was too busy to continue chatting for long, which I'd expected anyway, and she gave me her phone number and told me to call her next Tuesday as she was still wanting to go to the cinema and see Saving Private Ryan. Needless to say, I walked away feeling great! Out of the ashes of disaster I had reclaimed a victory.

Back to normality... Today I've entered this page into a Journal WebRing. It's been interesting checking out other people's online diaries... I think mine is best, but that's all a matter of opinion, and I know I'm biased. *smile*

Let me know what you think.

Have no fear of moving into the unknown.
Simply step out fearlessly knowing that I am with you,
therefore no harm can befall you;
all is very well.
Do this in complete faith and confidence.




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