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26 August 1999 - 11:55pm
It's been two months now since Missy and I met and started going out. It's been the best two months of my life so far. I fully expect the rest of my life to be the best years of my life... 

Two weekends ago I went down to the coast for a weekend of fun and frivolity.  On that Saturday, it was pouring with rain the entire way, and it was damn cold as well. 

In fact, it was so cold that it snowed on one of the hills that I drove past. It was quite strange seeing the snow on this one particular hill, when there were plenty of other larger hills around
that had no snow on them!  Naturally I had to take a photo of it... what else could I do?

Eventually I got there, and it was great to be with her again. We had dinner with a couple of her friends which she invited over to show me off... well, it was only to be expected, since I did the same with my own friends when she was here. It was a fun evening, but her friends had to leave relatively early because they both were still getting over bouts of flu. The other reason was that Missy spoke to them earlier in the week and said they can't stay too long because she wanted to be alone with me! *grin*

It had rained all day, and it rained all evening as well. Our plans for the next day were to go to a food and wine festival in town, but we were convinced that it might not happen, what with the rain. However, as you can see from the photos below, it turned out just wonderfully!

We have come to the conclusion that God is working in our favour. On every occasion when Missy and I have gone out somewhere, it's been just perfect, without fail. When we weren't together or going out anywhere, it poured down with rain, but when we go out, it's divine... go figure.

I also had the opportunity to meet her parents when they brought the kids home on Sunday morning, and also again at the fair. They seemed like a lovely couple, just as Missy described them to me. Her dad and I spoke briefly about computers and his car. Nice fellow.

On that Sunday night we had dinner at my friend Kath's place and played charades with the kids, which was fun. We left around 9 or so. Any longer and Kath would have been driven insane by the kids around her... hehehe.

I went down again on the weekend just gone, because Missy was having the Monday off work, and wanted to spend more than just two days with me. So I went down on the Saturday again, and didn't return until Tuesday afternoon. This time I went down with a computer - my old one. I gave it to her so that she can use it for her home-based business (lingerie parties) and also to get onto the internet... then we can chat to each other without the cost of long-distance charges over the phone. Of course, we'll still talk on the phone, but it just won't be as much. I spent most of the day at work on Saturday working on her computer, making sure it was optimised and working perfectly. When I got there though, it didn't work. I guessed it was because the vibration and bumps of a 2.5 hour car trip loosened things here and there, but I wasn't able to get it fixed until Monday morning, when we took it to a local computer repair shop. I'm glad it was fixed there, otherwise I would have had to bring it back here to get someone to look at it here... phew!

Most of the weekend was spent with the kids there which, while noisy, was also a lot of fun for me. They really like me, which is great because I like them as well.

On Sunday we went for lunch at Missy's parent's place and then walked along the ocean. (When I get some photos developed of that day, I'll put them in here as well.) During lunch, there were some beautiful rosellas (birds) that were so docile that they could be fed from the hand. They came to the balcony and started feeding on leftover bread, and I got some photos of the bird/s eating out of the kid's hands, as well as from my own. It was great. Missy's father and I got along great as well. He let me drive his 1995 Ford Fairmont, which is the same model as what I intend buying in the next couple of months, so that was excellent. Missy and I went for a drive in it to the nearby shops, as well as a scenic route around the area. A pleasure to drive... which is why I'm buying one. Before we left later that afternoon, I helped him with a few issues he had with his computer. I think we all got along wonderfully.

On Monday we got the computer fixed and wandered around town a little bit. We had lunch on the beach, eating delicious hamburgers, then went for a walk looking at the fancy beach houses. Monday was a nice relaxing day for both of us. That night, I spent most of it accessing the internet through her 'new' computer and making sure everything was working. I downloaded and installed some necessary antivirus software and configured everything for her. While most of that was happening, we drank bourbon and coke and continued relaxing and talking while the stuff was downloading.

On Tuesday, I went with Missy to her place of work, and spent all morning there.  She works at a chiropractor's clinic as the receptionist. I even got a chiropractic session of my own with her employer, which was pretty good. His method is good, his prices are good... I'll see him relatively regularly from now on, whenever I'm there. It was nice seeing where and how Missy worked, but unfortunately, the time came for me to leave, which was about lunch time. We said our goodbyes and again sadly parted. The partings are becoming a little easier to get used to. We both know we're going to see each other again soon, and that probably helps a bit. Not much though...

Before I left, I got a call from Scot. He wanted to know when I'd get back to Canberra, as he needed to go to Sydney and was willing to pay me $100 plus expenses for me to drive him there. He needed to pick up a new car of his. I was happy to do that, as an extra $100 plus expenses is better than a cold chicken... So I drove the 2 and a half hours from the coast back to Canberra then quickly had lunch and then drove 4 hours to Sydney. We got into Sydney around 7pm and found the address where his new car was. After picking it up, I followed him back to the outskirts of Sydney where we stopped at a McDonald's for something to eat before heading back to Canberra. I got home at about 11:30pm... The strangest thing was that after driving for close to 10 hours that day, I wasn't that tired! I had some muscle tension in my shoulders, which was only to be expected, but I was still buzzing from the fun and excitement of driving. I'm weird... I love to drive. I used to do 13 hour trips to Adelaide, and then back again the next day... but that was a few years ago now.

I ended up going to bed around 2am, after checking my four days worth of email and ICQ messages.

On the way to Sydney, Scot spoke to me about a new proposal he has for me.  One way or another, he wants to keep me working for him in some capacity...  he wants me to take over the business that he owns, to run it completely. He'll still be the owner, but I'll be looking after it. I agreed but only under certain conditions, that he pay me an amount of money that I want and that he help me get my Ford Fairmont sooner than I was planning. He agreed to both. It often amazes me how much he values my skills and wants me to do so much for him... I'm happy to do whatever he wants, as long as the money is right. As long as I'm getting what I want, I'll do it. However, his proposal going ahead depends on a number of different factors, so it's more than likely that it just won't happen. But it's good that the possibilities are there and that I'm involved in it.

Missy and I have spoken some more about marriage. We've decided that we will get married. On one condition. On our two-year anniversary, if we still feel the same way about each other and marriage, we'll get engaged and set a date for the marriage. That's the decision. So stay tuned for the next two years, and see how things end up. *smile*

Time is an invention.
Now is a reality.
So much creativity is happening
for the simple reason that we
have withdrawn ourselves
from past and future.

Our whole energy remains blocked
either in the past or the future.

When you withdraw all your energy
from past and future a
tremendous explosion happens.

That explosion is creativity.




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