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19 February 1999 - 9:01pm
I woke up this morning to find that I was experiencing less pain - but now my left leg is numb. That's just great...

What was great was not having to get up and go off to work.

After going to the chiropractor, it seems that my pelvis is out, and it's apparently unrelated to my collapsed disc. A new problem. Sometimes I wonder why I challenge myself these ways... I believe we create our own challenges, but I wish mine didn't have to be so drastic and painful. And yet, in relation to the challenges many others experience, this is nothing. I'm happy that my attitude is still good at least.

I have to go for x-rays early next week, and once my chiropractor looks at them, she'll be able to work out what to do next. She seems sensible and competent, so I'm glad my doctor has given me a good referral. I love my doctor, he's great. *smile*

I'm glad that even though my leg is numb still, I can actually sit down and type this out. I needed to catch up on it. There's also some web design work that I need to catch up on this weekend, so I'm glad I'm going to be able to do that. It's no good being unable to sit down, 'cause then I can't do anything on here. And seeing how the internet is my life, that's almost more unbearable than the pain!  *smile*

A few days ago, I went around to visit a friend who's recently had a back operation (she's the one who gave me the painkillers). It was good to see her again and to know that she's doing ok. I also met her dogs... or should I say I met her 'monsters'? They were huge! One looked like a huge wolf (it was a Malamut) and the other was a huge Alsatian. Scary. Anyway, because she's bed-bound, I dropped off my collection of movies for her, as well as a number of Star Trek episodes - she's almost as fanatical about Star Trek as I almost am.   *grin*

Forgive me for my slackness in keeping this up to date. Being busy, and being in pain tends to cause a lot of things to be left until later. You know, yesterday I considered moving my bed up to the computer desk and trying to do stuff while laying in the bed; but after thinking of the logistics of it, I decided against it. By the way, yesterday's entry and today's entry were both put in at once. It's been a long time since I've written a journal entry on paper. But it doesn't really count, as I fully intended it to be put into here. I guess I've been doing a computer-based journal since 1994. This is just the first time I've actually done it so everyone can see it...

Be afraid of nothing
you have within you -
all wisdom
all power
all strength
all understanding.



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