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22 January 1999 - 3:12pm
Something amazing happened today. I have a profile on a website which caters to introductions for friendship and romance, and yesterday I received an email from a woman who saw my profile on there and apparently liked what I wrote.  My profile has been there for over a year, and this is the first woman who's written to me because of it. She pointed out some of the areas where we differed, but still felt that we might have something in common. I looked at her own profile, and pointed out in a reply some more areas where I believed we differed, but finished it by saying that I'd be happy to meet her anyway, as I enjoy meeting new people.

I got a reply to that today. It turns out that her and I have already met last year!  When I was working at ORAC Internet, I once had to go and do a software installation at her place of work, and it seems that she wanted to get to know me then, but because of the circumstances found it difficult.

Now, the incredibly amazing aspect to this, is that I felt the same way! I remember her as being someone who I'd like to get to know more. She had positive quotes laying around her office, she was assertive and confident, and she was attractive. I even provided opportunities for her to get to know me, if she chose to, by sending her a few emails after that day, being friendly and giving instructions on how to use the newly-installed software. She responded in a friendly and likable manner, but I felt it was unfortunate that nothing ever eventuated and after those few emails I guess I forgot about her.

And now she's writing to me from my profile on a website...

Needless to say, it's been quite an exciting day for me because of this. Her and I have exchanged a couple of emails today, and it seems she wants to get to know me some more, which is great as far as I'm concerned! She's going away this weekend and will be returning late next week... I gave her my phone number just in case she would like to call me, and I'm hoping to hear from her today or tonight.

This is quite amazing, and I feel really surprised and excited that this has happened.

Oh, and I found my book of quotes again - it had been packed away during my move, which is why the past few entries have been 'quoteless'.

The secret of making something work in your lives is,
first of all, the deep desire to make it work:
then the faith and belief that it can work:
then to hold that clear definite vision in your consciousness
and see it working out step by step,
without one thought of doubt or disbelief.



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