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25 January 1999 - 11:32pm
I had my last visit to the doctor today to have the treatment for my warts.  (Ewww, that sounds disgusting!) Al my friends keep telling me about all their treatments where they experience pain for only a few seconds and then the wart drops out. For some reason my doctor seems to be working with the idea of no pain and the gradual dropping out of them... I've been wondering if I'm some kind of freak for not wanting it done quickly and painfully, then I catch myself thinking that the seeking out of pain is what would make me freakish... So I'll just leave the deciding of how to remove my warts up to my doctor... I'm sure he knows what he's doing.

On the weekend, I was referred to something which makes Internet Explorer look so much better, and adds certain functionality to it. It's called NeoPlanet, and it also allows you to configure the look and functions of it as a web browser. I've decided to put two screen shots of it in here, to show you two of the looks it can have. I have it on the first one, which is 'default'. If you click on either of the pictures, it will take you to NeoPlanet's home page where you can check it out for yourself and even download it. I recommend it.

Sorry about putting those images there, but this is so good I just had to do it.

As I've been doing this update, I've also been on IRC. I've just discovered that there's a channel on there which is devoted to one of the websites I look after ( ) I wish someone had told me about it! Oh well... I know of it now, so I'll be on it relatively regularly. (The channel is called #thegypsybar and it's on the austnet servers.)

This weekend has been relatively slow and boring... which is why the entries are few and far between. I'm looking forward to life becoming more exciting when this lady from last week (the one who emailed me from 'out of nowhere') returns from her trip away. I'm sure then I'll have something to say in here. However, it will only be good things, 'cause she's likely to read this too... *smile*

Only in relationship can you know yourself,
not in abstraction and certainly not in isolation.
The movement of behaviour is the sure guide to yourself,
it's the mirror of your consciousness;
this mirror will reveal its content,
the images, the attachments, the fears,
the loneliness, the joy and sorrow.
Poverty lies in running away from this,
either in its sublimation or its identities.



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