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2 June 1999 - 5:05pm
As of this week, I've been working at home again, instead of at ORAC. I wasn't getting done all the web design work that I needed to, and so now I'm at home where I can focus on all that again. Phew! It's such a relief.

I've actually been able to update three websites today, something which I haven't had time to do until now. And then there's my journal as well. I feel that my life is returning to some semblance of what I want it to be. I have the feelings of happiness and freedom again.

It's been a sad time for me, what with the lady in England changing her mind about everything, but it seems to be a sadder time for her. I wish things could have been different, but we all make our separate beds...

I'm seeing Star Wars tomorrow or Friday, which I'm looking forward to. However, I have a feeling that it's just not going to affect me the same way that The Matrix has. As of the Saturday just gone, I've seen it 6 times now. And the strangest thing is, it's every bit as exciting for me the 6th time as it was the 1st time. I'm just mentally unstable, that must be it...

We can only
Be Here Now
when we accept instantly
our moment-by-moment
emotional experience.



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