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1 March 1999 - 11pm
Two spiders, one grasshopper, and three kangaroo homes.

What the hell am I talking about, you might be wondering? 

I went for a walk early this evening, into some bushland near where I live. If you remember from an earlier entry, I saw a family of kangaroos across the road in the bushland there. Well today I went looking for them - but all I found was the above. I couldn't find the kangaroos themselves. I did discover, however, that the bushland was larger than I thought it would be - no wonder there are kangaroos in there! I'm going to take a longer and more extensive walk through there soon. I was there for over an hour today, so to do it justice I think I might have to make it into a day trip with some food and water - and my mobile phone in case I get lost... might have to call in the search and rescue helicopter... *smile*

My back is feeling sooo much better these days. Which is a good thing, and I'm very happy about it. Now that it's becoming less of an issue, I can actually stop talking about it... hehehe. I bet you're happy about that. "Sheesh, when the hell is he going to stop talking about his back?!"

I have a friend on IRC who, to her class, is known as Miss Baker. This is just a little note to them. Hello to all you kiddies in Miss Baker's 8C English class. I hope she's not as bad a monster as she tells me she is... 


I guess you can tell my back is getting better, I'm smiling and grinning all over the place. My housemates are getting worried. They're starting to talk about men in white coats, but they won't tell me what they mean by that... Maybe they're thinking of becoming scientists or something, I just don't know.

One just has to be oneself.
That's my basic message.
The moment you accept yourself as you are,
all burdens, all mountainous burdens simply disappear.
Then life is a sheer joy,
a festival of lights.



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