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7 March 1999 - 2:46pm
I'm now using my new computer and monitor. On Thursday I brought home the 17" monitor because I couldn't stand using the older one anymore. I have this attitude - if I can do or have something now, then I will. There's no point waiting until tomorrow if you can get what you want today. *smile*

This computer is just wonderful to use. When I scanned large images with the older computer, it took minutes to render and resize and manipulate... This one just takes seconds!! Wheeee! 

The past couple of days, since I got the rest of the computer on Friday evening, has been playing with it. Optimising settings, transferring files from the other one, installing software again. You can tell what's most important to a person by the software that they install on their new computer - the first things I did was set up my internet connection settings, and then re-install ICQ. Hahaha! 

I had a dream last night, about a friend's ex-wife, who was also a friend of mine until she left him and ran away to Sydney with some other guy. I dreamt that she died of something or other, and I was talking to my friend about her. The grief that I felt in my dream was very intense, which was quite bizarre. I rang my friend a little while ago, just to say hi - and to find out if anything had happened to his ex-wife that he knew of - but I was forced to leave a message on his answering service. When I have very intense and vivid dreams, they usually have some importance somehow. I don't know if this is one of those important dreams or if it's just a vivid and emotional non-important dream. Time will tell, as it always does.

Take the good until you find something better,
and in search for something better
do not let the good slip away from you or die out.
If you disregard it despite its worth,
and pursue something better,
what you had escapes you;
but if you remain attached to what is good,
you will always have it if nothing better follows.



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