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14 September 1999 - 2:35am
Wow. What a weekend I've had.

Neither Missy nor I were going to travel anywhere, we were going to just be ourselves and stay in our own corner of the world... we were going to see each other next weekend, when I was supposed to go there to see her. It didn't work out like that.

On Friday she came down with some kind of slight pain in her stomach, which got worse on Saturday. When I found out from her friend on ICQ that she had symptoms of appendicitis, I immediately rang her to find out how she was, and what was going on. She told me that she was planning on dropping in to the hospital later that afternoon, just to see what they said. I told her to ring me when she found out.

She didn't, and I had to ring around that evening, eventually finding out from her parents that the hospital was keeping her in for overnight observation.

I immediately decided that I had to go there to be with her. The only problem was that my car's registration was overdue for renewal (due to slackness on my part) and instead of driving an unregistered car, I decided to hire a car. So I hired one from the airport and drove there, getting there at around midnight. As I left Canberra, I phoned my friend Kath, and told her what had happened, and asked if I could stay there overnight, which she said yes to. When I got there, her and I spoke until about 3am, when we went to bed. After waking up around 9am, I went off to visit Missy. 

The hospital had put her on a drip of antibiotics, in an attempt to see if that would reduce any problem/inflammation. It seemed to do an ok job as her pains had gone and she was left with a dull ache, and so they let her go home on Sunday night, which was something both her and I were happy about. 

Her night at the hospital wasn't a restful one, and so when she got home and ended up going to bed, she virtually passed out, sleeping the sleep of the dead (or at least, the sleep of those who've been in a hospital overnight and weren't able to get to sleep!).

I was glad that I'd gone down there, to be there with her when she was alone in hospital, being able to keep her company and make her feel just that much better. It was something she appreciated as well...

I gave her a surprise last night, after we got home to her place. I had bought her a mobile phone, so that she'd feel a little safer when she travels for her business, etc. She liked it... I'm glad. *smile*

She was feeling better today, and went off to work, and I came back home. 

Unfortunately, because I went down on the weekend just gone, and had to spend money on a hire car, it'll take a little while to get back into the swing of things financially, so I won't be going down this coming weekend. On the weekend of the 24th, we'll be going to Sydney together for a party that she was invited to, and so that's the next time I'll be seeing her. We'll be staying overnight at my friend Peter's place. I'm not sure yet, but Scot might be coming as well, as he wants to meet Tricia, who is going to be in Sydney for that weekend. But it looks like there won't be any room for Scot at Peter's place, so I'm not too sure how we'll deal with that... that's if he ends up coming, that is. Oh well... It's going to be an interesting weekend anyway.

It looks like I'm going to be taking over ORAC sooner than I thought, with it probably happening the last week of this month. That's excellent, as far as I'm concerned! Woohoo! I'm so excited! I'm so looking forward to it. Extra money, extra responsibilities - but being done MY way, and a 1996 Ford Fairmont as

I had a dream last night. In the dream I was driving a car, but at the same time there was a commentary... I can't remember the circumstances or the environment, but it's like I was a racing driver, and my style of driving was being commented on. Apparently I was doing everything perfect. My driving style, the way I was handling the car, the speeds I was travelling, the way I was holding the steering wheel. Everything was just perfect and the commentator was very excited! When I remembered the dream as I was driving back to Canberra, I got very excited too!

In dream symbology, a car/vehicle is your travels through life. The state of the car or the environment or the way you're travelling is a sign of the state that your life is in at the time. Obviously I have everything very much under control, and everything is going extremely well. I'm handling things perfectly, both hands are firmly set on the steering wheel, keeping things perfectly controlled, and the car is performing well. Life is great, and I'm right on track for the destination I'm headed. Some dreams are really exciting about the messages that they have for you, and this one was one of those! *smile*

Every moment of your life
is infinitely creative
and the universe
is endlessly bountiful.

Just put forth
a clear enough request,
and everything
your heart desires
must come to you.




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