Multi-Dimensional Consciousness
by Alan Howard


If you think about the following, it might make sense to you, but I know it's pretty hard to understand - good luck, and let me know if you can relate to it.

You are aware that you exist in a three-dimensional universe.  Three different dimensions make up that which you accept as one dimension - the world around you and the universe it is within.  If it is accepted you exist within three dimensions, would you agree you could exist within more than three dimensions? 

Where is your consciousness?  Where does it sit?   In your brain?  Can you - or any scientists - find the consciousness and label it in a physical sense?  Definitely not.  Your consciousness is not physical, therefore it exists outside of your physical universe - in a totally different dimension to the three you are aware of.  Even though it is outside of the physical universe it is still a part of it.  We will call the consciousness your 'spirit', and put it into the fifth dimension. 

What's the fourth dimension?  That is time.   You exist within time - it is part of your universe but is also unable to be classed as part of the physical universe.  So now you are aware that you exist within 5 dimensions.  Don't you think that you are a Multi-Dimensional Personality (MDP)? 

Every one of those 5 dimensions is different, and yet they all join together.   They are a part of each other.  Your existence within them all makes up that which you call your Self.  Be aware that you also exist outside of those 5 dimensions!  Your consciousness could be classed as a collection of thoughts.   Now, if those thoughts come from and are part of the fifth dimension, every thought creates another dimension where the reality of that thought is actually occurring.  If you imagine yourself doing something, but don't do it, within another dimension you are doing it. 

Existing as you are on the fifth dimension, you are able to be aware of all other dimensions that you create and thus exist in.  It is in this way that the following occurs:  if you have two choices to make over something, you will imagine yourself carrying out either of those choices.   In other dimensions, you do carry them out.  Your fifth-dimensional Self sees the results of both choices, sees whichever gives the better result, and in this way lets you know which choice to make.  The way you let yourself know can be done in an infinite number of ways. 

The most common is through your Spirit Guides, since they are multi-dimensional extensions of your Self.  How?  Picture this:  if you - as a MDP - exist outside of time and space, then you can project yourself into any dimension.  Each projection has its own consciousness but is part of a "super consciousness" (you are a "projection").  If that super-consciousness (which is the MDP) thinks of itself, then it creates another Self within another plane of reality.  The two are separate, but they are the one and the same.  Each is aware of the other as individual, but also as being one.  Each sends out its own projections, for its own purposes, which can also be for a united purpose.  

Spiritual guides are projections of a MDP.  They have their own consciousness, have their own experiences, their own missions.  While you are a projection of a MDP, other projections exist within their own realities.  Spirit Guides are within their own realities but are a part of yours.  You are all projections from one MDP, but the one MDP may exist as separate MDPs in different realities.

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