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11 January 1999 - 11:54pm
Some days are just days, while other days are adventures. Yesterday was a day, while today has been an adventure!

When I get up of a morning, one of the first things I do is turn my computer on, then go have a shower while it boots up, connects to the internet, opens Outlook 98 and downloads my email, so that I have something to read when I exit the shower. Today was different.

I turned the computer and monitor on, and immediately noticed that my monitor wasn't showing anything. I hit it, and it came alive. I watched it for a minute and when it started flickering I knew that it was ill. I hoped that it wouldn't explode in my face, as I'd be really unhappy, but it just died instead. I hit it again, and it came alive - but died. I did this a few times, and eventually it didn't didn't come to life again. My monitor died on me!

I rang around and discovered from the symptoms that it needed a replacement of some kind which would cost more than what the monitor is worth, so I decided to buy a new monitor. Unfortunately, the shop which looks after me doesn't have any monitors in my price range until probably next week, so I arranged with a friend of mine to borrow one of his spare monitors until then. 

That was the beginning of this adventure. 

I met with MissA at around 1:30pm, and met her friend - whom I shall call Isabel.  Just for something different. The first thing I noticed about Isabel was her tanned skin, which was accentuated by her white top. She looked very pretty, and I was happy I had been introduced to her. The next couple of hours were great - MissA had to leave so Isabel and I continued chatting for another hour, before she had to leave and pick up her son from school. She told me that she was going to Sydney tomorrow and would be back on Sunday, but I could call her next week after she gets back. I think that's a good sign... and I'm glad - she's really nice. Thanks MissA... *smile*

After that episode of today's adventure, I went to see my doctor at 4pm. I have a couple of warts, one on the index finger of my right hand and the other on the sole of my right foot. I wasn't worrying about them all that much, but lately the one on my foot had started to hurt, and a friend advised me to get it removed before it grew roots up my leg! So today I did something about it. It looks like I'll be seeing the doctor twice more over the next couple of weeks, as he wants to remove them the painless and slower way - by icing them off. That's fine by me.  No pain is good, as far as I'm concerned.

After that, I went to see my friend Estera, and got a rental reference from her.  The real estate agents of the house I'm moving into want two written rental references from me; Estera was one, and Alex will be the second. Anyway, it was good to see her again. I got the reference from her, as well as a request to go to a website and print out an astrological forecast for her for this year... sure.  No problem. Maybe I'll print one out for myself too. I might also put it online here, and at the end of the year we can all refer against it to see how accurate it was. That should be an interesting experiment.

After I left her, I went to visit my other friend who I was borrowing the monitor from, and I took it home. Then I went to visit some more friends and spent the evening roleplaying... some relaxation at the end of a day of travel and excitement.

So that has been my day of adventure. I didn't get any work done whatsoever, but it was sure fun! *smile*

Cease trying to work everything out with your minds,
it will get you nowhere.
Live by intuition and inspiration
and let your whole life be a Revelation.




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